Bring Your Best Content to the Surface with Infinite Slider

We’ve all seen the current web design trends that feature one huge image at the top of the site, usually in a slider mini app, which make an otherwise boring web site dynamic and interesting. The problem is, it’s been a trend for decades (at least counting in internet years) and it’s really starting to lose its wow effect.

There are even a couple of articles around the web that actively discourage you from using sliders because they’re supposedly bad from a UX point of view, and can also have negative effects on your site’s SEO.

That’s *definitely* not the case with Infinite Slider, though.

Infinite Slider is an innovative plugin for WordPress based sites that features a tile of 20 or more (depending on your screen size) of your posts, pages or custom post types. Its name comes from the feature that it’s infinitely draggable to both directions which also works on mobile devices with touch screens. The tile in the focus area displays a short title and an excerpt of its content page and of course links to it as well.

There are a few options to fine tune the slider to your liking, for example changing font family, size and color, toggling autosliding on and off and more. The effect for the slides not in the focus area can be selected from five predefined ones, however I think they should add at least a couple more. Looking at the source code I also noticed that the boxes that build up the slider are not random, there are about 10 different versions in total. It would be great if you could select yourself which ones to use and which not!

Overall it’s a nice looking plugin with a cool concept, which is refreshing in the ocean of basic sliders in the official repository! Oh and **it’s free** – and doesn’t have a paid Pro version which is unfortunately becoming somewhat of a standard nowadays – **and GPL licensed**! Give it a try.

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